In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how to learn a new language using tv and dramas. Yes, you can use your Netflix binge sessions to your language learning advantage!

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How to Learn a Language with TV Shows and Dramas
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In This Lesson, You Learned:

Shannon’s method for learning with dramas and tv shows: Using subtitles to your advantage based on your current language skills. Then, find a drama or tv show you might be interested in watching in your language. As you watch, make a point to write down 5-10 phrases that you find useful using Shannon’s stop and rewind method.

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When it comes to learning with TV, try taking it in short chunks rather than long episodes. Watching short clips online can help you start to get the hang of the topics on the show. Plus, doing a bit of research into what the show is about and learning some vocab around that can give you a heads start. If you know you’re going to watch a high school drama, learn phrases for “classroom”, “teacher”, “student”, and so on, so as soon as you jump into the show, you understand a bit of it.

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