In this episode of the podcast, we focus on learning how to greet someone in French and you’ll learn the phrases for “hello,” “how are you,” “I’m well,” and how to greet someone in a casual way. Wondering how to how to say hello in French? You’ll learn how with these French phrases in this week’s snack-sized lesson.

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How to Say "Hello" in French: French Greetings
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In This Lesson, You Learned:

“Hello” in French – bonjour

“How are you” in French – comment ça va? / ça va?

“I’m well” in French – ça va

Casual greeting in French – salut

Featured Trade Secret:

When you first start learning a new language, especially one like French, pronunciation is key to being understood and understanding others. A great way to start grasping this is to increase your listening in the language. Can you find a French show, movie, music, or podcast to listen to? Even a French YouTuber you follow can work wonders! The more you listen, the better you’ll be able to speak and understand the cadence of the language.

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